Dim3 DP Progress

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

To who it may concern,

There’s been a bit of a delay in the new dim3 demo due to a game crashing graphical bug in dim3. Brian is working on it, and it should be fixed soon!

Weapon Misc Work

Friday, October 28th, 2011

No major updates for now. I’m just working on adding in all the little things for each weapon, including casings (if applicable) ammo pickups, and very low poly versions of the weapon for weapon pickups.

Lightning Gun Textured

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

No progress shots for this one. I already had  a useable base in my models folder to work from.

Rocket Launcher Textured

Friday, October 21st, 2011

It didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, but schedule is schedule, so here you go.

Rocket Launcher

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

This is the new rocket launcher model. The middle part spins when you fire it, and the middle part with the handle is the magazine. It holds 9 rockets, and the spinning part spins to load each sequence of rockets.

Laser-Rifle Textured

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Here is the textured Laser Rifle. The dark render is to show the glowing parts.


Laser Rifle

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Here’s the new laser rifle. Not one of my best designs, but the bake turned out quite nice, so I’m happy. :D The front part rotates up to where the power core is located.

Textured Knife

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Here is the final textured knife. Not one of my best works. I’m going to go back later and try a matte black paint scheme with bright scratches and sharp parts instead.


Saturday, October 15th, 2011

New knife model I am working on. I’m trying to stick to 1 day: model hi/lo, and 1 day: UV/texture.

Textured Revolver

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Here is the revolver textured.